A Child Who Skips

I’ve been in the hospital for about a week and find myself on yet another difficult road–par for the course.   I’ve learned some news from Doctors that stopped me dead in my tracks, so to speak.   Adjustments must be made. Things to do, people to see and hug. Wrong turns corrected–or not. It’s […]

Diggin’ It

This is no time for excuses, I think to myself.  I’m back from surgery for a hernia repair, one of many.  This was a particularly difficult one since it was repairing a repair of a hernia.  I landed up with a swelling, called a seroma, that was the size of a football.  I’m still walking […]


I’ve been seeing the man in the moon into the wee hours of the morning.  Every time I try to sleep, I can only do so for a couple of hours and then I’m up again.  I’m told I have very dark circles under my eyes.  I didn’t need to be told. My mirror reflects […]


I read your comment with interest. It takes most people a very long time to get a diagnosis of MS.  It did me.  What’s interesting is this, what they call normal MRIs can, in fact, be abnormal ones.  It depends on who is reading them. Have you told your testers that you want a copy […]


Misery loves company? Multiple Sclerosis, like so many other debilitating diseases that plunder your life with no end in sight, is a disease that wreaks havoc on your life.  My life with MS has taken control for the past several months to a point that I’ve been unable to do much, including writing. For some, […]


I’m so sleepy all the time.  I can remember being this way with my first pregnancy.  I could drop off to sleep no matter where I was at or what I was doing.  I’m the same way now. It’s embarrassing how sleepy I can be.  I fall asleep in the middle of my sentences or […]

Doctor, Doctor

As I look ahead at the week before me,  I see that, as usual, it is dotted with medical appointments.  The sad part about it is that, I can’t always tell which doctor is for what. The doctor’s names get all jumbled up in my head and I have to think deeply, now what is that […]