Little Dolly

I saw a broken doll a while back in an alley outside my father's store. I must have been about 11 years old. It was in an alley of filth where everyone slung their garbage. This doll had an old fashioned face made of porcelain. It would be valuable today. As I looked at her, I wondered what she had done to be laying about in an alley [...]

My Little Fiat

Hello, This is a draft from several months ago that I just now finished.   Here, in New Jersey, the weather doesn't know what it wants to do.  Sometimes it's a spring day.  Other days it's the heat of summer.  Still yet, there are days of crisp fall.  Eventually, it will remember that it's supposed to be summer and the heat will come roaring in.   The nature [...]

Medicinal Marijuana

I don't know how many of you are trying out medicinal marijuana.  I am.  Let me tell you about my first visit to a dispensary, as they are called in case you are wondering what it's like.  I'm telling you about the dispensaries in my state of New Jersey.   You have to make an appointment for your very first visit.  This is because you meet [...]

Lament Of The Flowers

I’m sitting here alone with one lamp lit across the room.  It is 3:24 am.  I didn’t sleep at all last night and here I sit still tapping on my laptop’s keys.  I touch them feeling the tactile buttons giving way to the slightest touch of my fingers. If only I could manipulate my life like I control my trembling fingers on this keyboard.  I could backspace my [...]

I’m Guilty

We spend an incredible amount of time focusing inwards and we write about it hoping that the world will come to an understanding of what Multiple Sclerosis is and the impact it has on our lives and on the lives of our family. This is all well and good because the world at large does need to come to an understanding of the lives of disabled people. The [...]

Stress and Multiple Sclerosis

What are the effects  of stress and Multiple Sclerosis? HUGE!!! Increasing numbers of studies are reporting an association between stressful life events and exacerbation in multiple sclerosis..  By David C. Mohr Well it's obvious what one needs to do, right?  Try and get rid of all the things that cause you stress.  It's difficult to do since what brings the most stress to people is other people. Family is the number [...]

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