Colorful Little Boxes

They have invaded! No one else can see them unless they are in close proximity. I always see them as does my husband. In fact, my husband is the only one who has some type of control over them. I am collateral damage---maybe. At times, I look forward to them and at other times, I feel that if I see one more of them, I will find a [...]

My Bad

  Okay, I can hear you all screaming at me.  "Where have you been?  Why should we follow you anymore?"  Okay, you're right!  I have no excuse but to give you my lame excuse that I've been in the hospital more days than I've been home.  It's true! I've had pneumonia 3 times and that was a major part of it.  I've had a bleeding problem in my [...]

More Pain

4:09 am. Good evening to those of you who are awake with me.  Hugs to you. I am somewhat in control of my pain right now.  I took some extra-strength Tylenol earlier.  It was earlier than I should have taken it, but that's what it takes these days.  I never called the Doctor.  I can feel the pain creeping up on me again.  I guess that's what woke [...]

No Faces

Once again, there is a piece of artwork in progress with a girl and the moon. She stands there amidst the stormy clouds standing tall and proud proving what? She has no face and if you pay attention the moon has no face either. The girl stands in front of him to prove what? Oftentimes in the face of iniquity we do as she is doing, all of [...]

Keep On Keeping Busy

I would sincerely like to send you my good wishes, dreams, hope, faith, peace, and love in this new year.  I know.  It's pretty late to be giving New Year's wishes, but I seem to be running late on everything.   It's official now.  I'm having surgery on the 24th of January.  It hangs on me so heavily that my bent head hangs even lower.  However, I must [...]

How Can I Run Away From Myself?

Today was spent quietly hiding away from the outdoors with a heat index 105.  Heat intolerance in Multiple Sclerosis is well known. The shot to my L5-S1 vertebrae nerves mostly helped, until recently.  The sensation is creeping back.  Every day, I notice the pain. The surgery on my neck mostly worked.  However, now I'm having issues with my neck again. The pain level between all of these issues [...]

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