Colorful Little Boxes

They have invaded! No one else can see them unless they are in close proximity. I always see them as does my husband. In fact, my husband is the only one who has some type of control over them. I am collateral damage---maybe. At times, I look forward to them and at other times, I feel that if I see one more of them, I will find a [...]


Hello again, I am not here to drag you down but I am writing with extreme, excruciating pain.  Everything hurts and I can't get away from it.  My head down to my toes hurts.  My private parts have joined the party.  I don't understand this pain.  I think it is from MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  I am about to call my Neurologist as an emergency patient.  I need help!  [...]

Cath and Dogs

Have you ever felt that you were wearing the wrong shoes? Maybe you felt you had the right shoes on but would prefer to be in a pair of fancy brand new ones from Macy's. Maybe you know someone you admire and want to be in their shoes? How about the patent leather shoes of a child shiny and never worn? Do you want me to go on [...]

Me And My Flies

It’s a lazy day here in the middle of July.  You know.  The kind of day that even the flies are taking a siesta, sitting around on windows panes moving very little.  My plants are doing well during this rainy season.  We’ve had an inordinate amount of rain.  Therefore, the plants are hanging around not even needing someone to come around and give them water, while the flies [...]

I Fell Down

With my head held high, I travel down another unusual road. I'm not asking you to come along with good reason. It's about hearts. Keep yours close to you and take good care of it. It seems I have a heart condition called CHF or Congestive Heart Failure. Now before we all go running to the computer to check it out, allow me to tell you that it's [...]

Well-Worn Route

Hello dear friends, I think that my route from my studio to my bedroom has got me climbing the walls. I walk from my bedroom to the family room.  I sit there a bit and do some spinning, crochet or knit while watching TV.  When I'm tired of that or when I'm hungry, I go into the kitchen and make something to eat.  I take it with me [...]

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