Me And My Flies

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It’s a lazy day here in the middle of July.  You know.  The kind of day that even the flies are taking a siesta, sitting around on windows panes moving very little.  My plants are doing well during this rainy season.  We’ve had an inordinate amount of rain.  Therefore, the plants are hanging around not […]


On Maggie’s Pond

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I’m sitting here noticing that I need to clean my keyboard.  I can do that!  I focus on what I can do and not on what I can’t do.  If I sat around bemoaning all the things that I can’t do, just give me a shovel so that I can dig a hole six feet […]

Ups and Downs of Home

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Hello! First off I would like to thank you for your response to my ongoing harrowing and painful dilemma with my legs.  Nothing has changed.  I’m still struggling with what to do next.  I am waiting for my ID card for medicinal marijuana and I’m curious and anxious to see if that will help any. […]


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As promised, I will continue the story of the pain in my legs. After a month of recovery, I took off my neck brace permanently.  My husband and I both noticed that my neck did not flop over to the right.  It was straighter although not completely straight.  I could not and to this day, […]

I’m So Fricking Tired!

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Fatigue.  What is it?  Medicine Net describes it thus: Fatigue (either physical, mental or both) is a symptom that may be difficult for the patient to describe and words like lethargic, exhausted and tired may be used. The dictionary website describes it as this: noun weariness from bodily or mental exertion. a cause of weariness; slow ordeal; exertion: the fatigue of driving for many hours. Physiology.  Temporary diminution of the irritability or functioning of organs, tissues, or cells after excessive exertion or stimulation. What about fatigue in Multiple […]