About Me?

How I hate to tell about me, but I’ve been asked to.

I hail from New York City but was raised in Chicago in an orphanage till I was 17.  I longed for family, a touch but it wasn’t to be found.  I determined that I had to grow myself up for the sake of two other sisters in the orphanage

I left the orphanage when I was 17 and pregnant.  I was eager for the child, although everyone around me pressed me to either give the child to a family or abort it.  Nope, although the child changed my life, I kept him.

I lived the life of a wife and mother until as usual for many, divorce rang the doorbell.  In it came and my life took another drastic side road to Fargo, ND and Montana.

I traveled throughout the country for many years as an on-the-road musician.  It was at this time that I had episodes of dizziness, for lack of a better word, that would have me hanging on to my bed for dear life.

Years later, once again my road forked sharply and I am now here in the Princeton, NJ area with my husband.   I’ve only mentioned a couple of forks in the road or this article would turn into a book

My life was incredibly difficult with many dramatic changes that is indeed, worthy of a book.  I don’t regret my life in the least.  I am saddened by the affect it had on those around me.

Plagued by Multiple Sclerosis for many years before I found out what it was, I struggled to live a normal life. I actually did accomplish this to the appearance of the outside world.  Inside, I battled my memories of turmoil, and the physical challenges whose onslaughts slammed me down countless times.

Life taunted me, but I taunted it back by always getting up when it threw me down.  The years in the orphanage had become useful.

Music saved me from destroying myself.  It was in the world of music where I found the quiet that my soul needed.  It allowed me to rest from the outside world and from the world of pain I now found myself in.  I compose music that comes to me from the universe who whispers the notes to me.

I am an educated woman who now struggles to do most things now.  However, I live, I fight, I won’t stay down for long.  What would be the point of laying down?  I’m not going to waste the years of learning on my own the complexities of life and people.  I won’t waste that education which made me a Ph.D. of a sort on cataclysmic events.

I now live quietly surrounded by my musical equipment, my painting supplies and my yarn.  I design knitwear as well.

Music saved me.  It continued to save me daily.  It gives its melodies to me.  I return the favor by orchestrating it and playing it for the world that I live in.


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