My Bad


Okay, I can hear you all screaming at me.  “Where have you been?  Why should we follow you anymore?”  Okay, you’re right!  I have no excuse but to give you my lame excuse that I’ve been in the hospital more days than I’ve been home.  It’s true!

I’ve had pneumonia 3 times and that was a major part of it.  I’ve had a bleeding problem in my stomach.   I’ve been dealing with several hernias.  I’ve had surgery.  Isn’t that enough? I’m sorry.

Throw me down on the ground and plant me with your spring seeds.  Don’t let me sprout.  That would be like gagging a person.  How horrible.  Make me into a dirty old sock that sits in the corner of the room without a mate.  I’m ignored because of that.  Meanwhile, I get dirtier and dust bunnies stick out from me.  At least I think they are called dust bunnies.  In a year you won’t see me.  I’ll just be a mountain of dust bunnies known only to the owner of the sock who has kicked me into the corner of the room where there is a bed to cover me.

Please forgive me.  I don’t want to be a seed that doesn’t sprout and I don’t want to be a dirty sock.  I will try to post here every week if not more often.  But you need to try and think of this as you are a responsible reader of this blog!

I get lonely in this blog.  It’s like a small little room that I’ve built for us.  However, I’m the only one here most of the time.  I don’t get any comments.  Does that make sense for this community I’ve built?  Ask questions.  I’ve given you my life.  Most of it that is.  There is more to come.  I’ve told you some extremely personal things.

My MS?  I’m in terrible pain right now.  I’m sitting on this chair trying to place all of my weight on my left buttock cheek.  It’s not working.  The pain radiates from my right buttocks all the way down to my right shin on the right side that is.  It is a sort of gnawing pain.  I periodically get hit with a sharp knife-like pain in my right foot.  It just stabs me every minute or so.  It rests for about 15 seconds then starts up again.

My left eye is giving me trouble as well.  My specialist gave it a name which I’ve forgotten.  He wrote it down for me on a piece of paper and when I find it, I will tell you.  On top of that, I’m seeing double and I feel like I’m going blind. My doctor takes this incredibly long needle and injects medication into that eye.

I’ve had several falls where I’ve injured my left should.  It’s always my left shoulder that bears the weight of my falls.  I’m in pain folks.

The problem I have right now in addition to the rest is that I have a significant hernia.  From it springs another herniette (it’s a name I’ve coined for this one) and allow me to introduce you to herniettea (another coined name).


I have a pain management doctor.  Hah!



Positive Things!  “Think of things that have happened darn it!”  That’s just me talking to myself.  Okay, let’s see.

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve quit smoking.  It’s been a tough go of it but I’ve done it.  The urge is still there but I just do something that takes my mind off of it.

I recently celebrated 34 years of marriage.  It’s been a tough go of it but I’ve done it.  The urge is still there but I just do something that takes my mind off of it.  Fooled you.  I just cut and pasted from the other paragraph.  To be honest, it is very similar.  lol.



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