More Pain

4:09 am.

Good evening to those of you who are awake with me.  Hugs to you.

I am somewhat in control of my pain right now.  I took some extra-strength Tylenol earlier.  It was earlier than I should have taken it, but that’s what it takes these days.  I never called the Doctor.  I can feel the pain creeping up on me again.  I guess that’s what woke me up.

In my opinion, Doctors may become experts in their field by sticking to their field of study, but it goes to say that because of this, they are becoming less aware of what is around them and less aware of what there is new in other fields.  Why is this happening?

While in the hospital, the Doctor who was my discharge one said that I looked good and I would be good to go tomorrow.  I looked at him until he noticed my confusion.  “No catheterization?” I asked ”  Then my caregiver came over and looked at me strangely.  I guess that I was talking to myself.  I find myself doing this some times and my shadow is quite good at listening.

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