Keep On Keeping Busy


I would sincerely like to send you my good wishes, dreams, hope, faith, peace, and love in this new year.  I know.  It’s pretty late to be giving New Year’s wishes, but I seem to be running late on everything.


It’s official now.  I’m having surgery on the 24th of January.  It hangs on me so heavily that my bent head hangs even lower.  However, I must take deep breaths and think only of my five minutes and this five minutes belongs to you.


How the heck are you?  Please comment below.  I’m very interested in getting to know you all a bit better.  I’m looking for one submission a person, of a blog that is near and dear to your heart referencing Multiple Sclerosis.  I would like to put it in my book and you will be named as contributors to the book.  There will be no monetary compensation.  Sorry.  Along with your submission, please let me know if you want your full name underneath the article or not.


I have so much on my plate right now.  I am trying to launch my Plus Boho store.  I’m also trying to finish my book.  In addition, I’m in the middle of some hectic stock plays.  Did I tell you I’m a trader?  I am.   There are some artwork pieces I need to finish along with some knit designs that I need to tie up.  Let’s not forget the surgery as well.


I bet you can guess what this article is about?  Keep on keeping busy!  That’s how I get through my stressful times and believe me, I’m stressed out.  The surgery itself is the biggie around here.


There will be three surgeons who have cleared up their schedules to spend all day with me.  It’s a big event.  For my husband, I think, he will breathe easier if, or should I say when, I come out of surgery with flying colors.  For me, it’s about recovery.


I just saw my primary physician yesterday and he warned me that it will be a very painful recovery process.  I will have to heal in so many ways, what with broken bones in my neck and possibly in my ribs and then having everything underneath those ribs assaulted in order to make way for the surgeons  to reach the area they need to reach.  To top it off, my vocal cords will not be ignored.  They too will need nurturing.  What I dread is having to come home wearing a halo.  Let’s see if I can find a picture for you.


Found one.


Most people would crawl into bed in a depression.  Believe me, I have my moments where I do that.  I just go into my bedroom, leave off the lights and the shades drawn.  I turn on the TV and watch mindlessly until I fall asleep, if I fall asleep.  That gets old for me in a big hurry.


I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t do something, the minutes will tick by as though standing in place.  If I do something, then the days move along as they should. I ask myself, “What is the point of laying around feeling sorry for myself?”  There is no point.  It’s a pity party with no guests.  Even if I had guests, I would quickly become impatient with them.  I don’t really want them at my party.


I hate it when others moan and groan with me.  It’s a situation where I know they don’t truly comprehend the life I lead, we all lead.  So what are they moaning and groaning about?  They are well meaning people but it’s a waste of their time because I’m not buying it.


Not even another MSer can know how I feel.  They understand the impact of the disabling life that we all find ourselves living, but we all react differently given whatever situation is in front of us.  This is why I find it disconcerting when I come across a blog that acts as though they speak for me, for all of us.  They don’t.  I always read other people’s blogs with curiosity to see what their side of the coin might feel like.  But when I read a blog that speaks about us as though we are all one and the same, I don’t bother reading more than a sentence or two before I move on.


What works for me may not work for you.  In good faith, I’m telling you that keeping busy is the best way for me to get over humps of extreme stress and even pain.  If I’m busy, I’m not stewing in a slow cooker until I melt away into a mess.


So for those of you who can relate, keep on keeping busy.  Works for me.


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