How Can I Run Away From Myself?

Today was spent quietly hiding away from the outdoors with a heat index 105.  Heat intolerance in Multiple Sclerosis is well known.

The shot to my L5-S1 vertebrae nerves mostly helped, until recently.  The sensation is creeping back.  Every day, I notice the pain.

The surgery on my neck mostly worked.  However, now I’m having issues with my neck again.

The pain level between all of these issues is at about 6-8.  This is better than a few weeks ago!

How can I run away from myself?  How can I shed the skin, musculature, and everything else, except the heart?  The heart is a good one with a great love of humanity regardless of whether humanity is good to it.

I sit here showered and clean and I should be feeling good?  Unfortunately no.

Five minutes, five minutes at a time.


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