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July 19, 2019
August 19, 2019
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Cath and Dogs

Have you ever felt that you were wearing the wrong shoes? Maybe you felt you had the right shoes on but would prefer to be in a pair of fancy brand new ones from Macy’s. Maybe you know someone you admire and want to be in their shoes? How about the patent leather shoes of a child shiny and never worn? Do you want me to go on with handbags or other pieces of clothing from head to socks? Then I could go on with shoes or paws of another breed of humanity! In other words, have you ever wished that you could put on a pair of shoes and run away from yourself? I’m sure you know.

I’m back visiting the man in the moon. He gives me great comfort because he does not question how I’m feeling. He also does not tell me how I’m looking. “You look well.” This is what most people say when they see me. Sitting with the man in the moon provides me with the knowledge that yes, I probably look well on the outside but I’m hurting so bad on the inside.

Where have I been these last few weeks? I will give you three guesses.

I’ve been in the hospital. Someone has won the prize? I don’t know the exact count but it’s been a few.

Yes, I’ve been in the hospital yet again. I don’t know how many times I’ve been there. I’m home now. I have a series of doctor visits to deal with because I still haven’t had my catheterization. I may have it done in the next week. Yipee. To be able to breathe again.

I’m so happy to be home amongst my things and my dogs. This is rehab. I had to ask David to put them in their cages. I can’t sleep with them running loose.

I was blessed with a great medical team at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. They were remarkable and worked hard to keep me well and to keep me busy so that I wasn’t sitting there staring at anything.


Magdalena Obert
Magdalena Obert
I am a musician/composer who has traveled around the country as a freelance musician. I live and breathe music. I was struck down by MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and my life changed dramatically. I continue to write and compose music but I do it from home. One day, I came across a web site and saw candlesticks on a chart. I was curious about them because they looked rather like musical notes to me. I clicked on the site, which took me to I read a bit about it and learned that trading was a method of making an income, so I downloaded a demo. I didn't do anything with the demo account for a long time. I did watch the charts daily and learned how to use the platform. Mostly, I was intrigued by the movements of the candlesticks. They fascinated me. I began to get the urge to trade, so I started playing with the demo. I then came across a system I wanted to try, which I did using the demo account. The rest is history. I fell in love with trading. There is something musical about it. In particular, you never know what it is going to do next, which is oftentimes true in music. You think you know the next logical progression of a new piece of music and you anticipate it, but oftentimes, it surprises you and goes along a different path. Sound familiar? I'm a trader now, newbie for 7 years, but a trader.

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