Well-Worn Route

Hello dear friends,

I think that my route from my studio to my bedroom has got me climbing the walls.

I walk from my bedroom to the family room.  I sit there a bit and do some spinning, crochet or knit while watching TV.  When I’m tired of that or when I’m hungry, I go into the kitchen and make something to eat.  I take it with me to the studio and read something on my computer while eating.  I will then paint for a bit, or play a game.  Sometimes I make appointments.  Other times I shop.  Sometimes I just look around in the computer and jump from subject to subject.  My favorite place to hang out is YouTube.

When I tire of all that, I make my way back to the kitchen.  Coffee anyone?  I will take the coffee back to the family room and see what else might interest me on TV.  Nope.  I then take my coffee and go to the back yard—maybe.  Usually, I just take my coffee and go into the bedroom.  There I lie with my feet up and yes, turn on the TV.  I will then fall asleep.

When I wake up, I start all over again.  I do this many times a day until I land up on the wall or the ceiling trying to manage my restless legs.  I jiggle, I stretch, I massage my legs until I give up the fight.  I crawl back down off my wall in pursuit of my magic pill to ease my pain.

Oh no!  I’m back on my well-worn route—the floor.  I start all over again.

This is the life of a disabled person trying to find something along the well-worn route that might interest he/she in a Eureka moment that turns normal into an ah-ha moment!

I can’t drive.  Too many drugs, non-existent feet, at least it feels that way, seizures.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?  I’ve already dug a hole in the ground and made a pond.  Scratch that.  I’m not motivated to write music.  I am writing a book but need the motivation to finish it.

Hmmm.  Maybe I’ll take a trip and sit on a relatives sofa.  I then can make a well-worn route in their house.


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