Well-Worn Route

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June 2, 2019
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June 10, 2019
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Well-Worn Route

Hello dear friends,

I think that my route from my studio to my bedroom has got me climbing the walls.

I walk from my bedroom to the family room.  I sit there a bit and do some spinning, crochet or knit while watching TV.  When I’m tired of that or when I’m hungry, I go into the kitchen and make something to eat.  I take it with me to the studio and read something on my computer while eating.  I will then paint for a bit, or play a game.  Sometimes I make appointments.  Other times I shop.  Sometimes I just look around in the computer and jump from subject to subject.  My favorite place to hang out is YouTube.

When I tire of all that, I make my way back to the kitchen.  Coffee anyone?  I will take the coffee back to the family room and see what else might interest me on TV.  Nope.  I then take my coffee and go to the back yard—maybe.  Usually, I just take my coffee and go into the bedroom.  There I lie with my feet up and yes, turn on the TV.  I will then fall asleep.

When I wake up, I start all over again.  I do this many times a day until I land up on the wall or the ceiling trying to manage my restless legs.  I jiggle, I stretch, I massage my legs until I give up the fight.  I crawl back down off my wall in pursuit of my magic pill to ease my pain.

Oh no!  I’m back on my well-worn route—the floor.  I start all over again.

This is the life of a disabled person trying to find something along the well-worn route that might interest he/she in a Eureka moment that turns normal into an ah-ha moment!

I can’t drive.  Too many drugs, non-existent feet, at least it feels that way, seizures.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?  I’ve already dug a hole in the ground and made a pond.  Scratch that.  I’m not motivated to write music.  I am writing a book but need the motivation to finish it.

Hmmm.  Maybe I’ll take a trip and sit on a relatives sofa.  I then can make a well-worn route in their house.


Magdalena Obert
Magdalena Obert
I am a musician/composer who has traveled around the country as a freelance musician. I live and breathe music. I was struck down by MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and my life changed dramatically. I continue to write and compose music but I do it from home. One day, I came across a web site and saw candlesticks on a chart. I was curious about them because they looked rather like musical notes to me. I clicked on the site, which took me to I read a bit about it and learned that trading was a method of making an income, so I downloaded a demo. I didn't do anything with the demo account for a long time. I did watch the charts daily and learned how to use the platform. Mostly, I was intrigued by the movements of the candlesticks. They fascinated me. I began to get the urge to trade, so I started playing with the demo. I then came across a system I wanted to try, which I did using the demo account. The rest is history. I fell in love with trading. There is something musical about it. In particular, you never know what it is going to do next, which is oftentimes true in music. You think you know the next logical progression of a new piece of music and you anticipate it, but oftentimes, it surprises you and goes along a different path. Sound familiar? I'm a trader now, newbie for 7 years, but a trader.

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