Wet Noodle

Summer is nearly upon us and the dreaded fear of heat leaves me cold.

One of Multiple Sclerosis’s enemies is heat intolerance.  It’s as though we have a thermostat inside of us that has gone out of whack.  When the thermostat approaches within shooting distance of a certain degree of heat, different for each one of us, we turn into wet noodles.

The term “wet noodle” is what I call it when my legs turn into hopeless appendages sticking out of my body that won’t provide me with what they’re supposed to in direct response to an order from me directly or from my subconscious brain that barks out the orders.

I am already walking like a zombie with short stuttering and broken steps.  I feel like I should place my arms in front of me in an outward position and then search for someone to chomp on.  That would appear normal with the way that I walk.

Now I am wrapped around my air conditioner making sweet talk to it in the hopes that nothing will stop it from providing me unconditionally nonstop cool sweet air.  It’s only in the 70s here.  Imagine me when it’s upwards of 75 plus.

Unfortunately, being a wet noodle prevents me from doing many of the summer activities I once enjoyed, even just a picnic.  How ridiculous is that?

Yes, I’m already a wet noodle.  I wonder what I’ll be in a week or two.



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