Medicinal Marijuana

I don’t know how many of you are trying out medicinal marijuana.  I am.  Let me tell you about my first visit to a dispensary, as they are called in case you are wondering what it’s like.  I’m telling you about the dispensaries in my state of New Jersey.


You have to make an appointment for your very first visit.  This is because you meet with a counselor who discusses with you how it all works.  They also educate you a bit on the different types of buds they have and what it can do for you.


I was given a brochure with the different brands they offer and what the benefits are.  It also details what the pros and cons are for each one.


I don’t know why I was nervous about the whole thing, but I was.  Perhaps it was because it had been illegal for so long and suddenly it wasn’t.  Well maybe not suddenly, but you know what I mean.


I was led to a seat until someone at one of the counters became free to help me out.  While I sat there I looked at all the stuff behind the counters.  I wasn’t sure what these items were because I was a bit too far to make them out but it was an array of colorful items.


I thought back to the 60s and the 70s where we, the hippies, smoked through pipes, bongs, etc.  It was illegal but we did it anyway.  There always seemed to be someone with a “joint” as we called the made-up cigarettes of marijuana, so I never had to purchase any.  I wasn’t an avid smoker of it anyway.  I choked up with it and always landed up spluttering and coughing any time I tried it.


I sat and looked at the brochure and decided I would try three different ones.  Two were primarily for pain and one was for sleep since as you know by now, I’m suffering from insomnia.  It is 3:32am now.


When I got to the counter, the girl behind it was great.  I saw a myriad of pipes and bongs.  Some of them were beautiful and you could tell that artisans had made them.  I chose a small pipe, and papers to make my joints.  I also purchased a little machine that helped you roll the joints.  It worked great.   In addition, I also decided to vape one since I’m familiar with vaping.


I decided that I would vape the one that helped with insomnia,  the other two buds I purchased would be smoked by joint or by the small pipe.  This way, I could keep the three straight in my head and would be able to tell if one was more effective than the other one.


I’m here to tell you, this is not inexpensive.  Be prepared to pay for it like expensive medications.  The entire process went smoothly.  Everyone was kind and helpful and I headed home.


When I arrived home, I laid out all my goodies on my bed.  I decided which bud would go into the pipe and which one I would roll.  By the way, the buds come in dark jars.  I did not purchase the entire amount for the month since I was going to be trying different ones on each trip until I found a good balance.


I decided that although the vape one would be for bedtime, that it was the easiest one to try first since it came prefilled with the liquid.  I didn’t want to waste time trying out the rolling machine or the pipe.


I sat on my bed and took a nice deep draw.  Big mistake!  I coughed so hard I was wheezing by the end of it.  I felt blood rush to my face.  It was almost an immediate reaction to it.  I felt myself turn into a jellyfish.  I became sluggish and yes, I was high.  I sat staring at the TV even though it wasn’t on.  At some point, I did turn it on so at least I had a moment of clarity.  The next thing I remember is that my husband came home and shook me awake.  Apparently, I had fallen asleep with my paraphernalia scattered around me on the bed.  That one worked!


They all worked to some extent.  You don’t smoke them and suddenly become painless.  Getting high is worth it because you don’t seem to care.  It does lessen the pain as well in the sense that the joints relax your muscles.


Overall, I’m still trying to figure out if I will continue with this or not.  I am useless when I smoke.  Time stands still and I don’t function like I normally would.  I’m not sure if I like the feeling.  I wrote down my reaction to each one for my shopping visit next time.




  1. Magdalena Obert

    You know what? I’ve been thinking about doing just that or at least trying some. Medicinal Marijuana is harsh to me. More times than not, I land up sputtering and coughing after I take a hit.

    The reason why I haven’t tried it yet is because I’m the sort of person who puts off taking pain meds until I really feel I need it. My mother-in-law, a doctor, used to tell me that I should not let the pain get to that point because then you have to chase the pain with meds. You’re better off being consistent with the meds so that your pain level is manageable. I don’t know.

    It’s a tug-of-war that I go through every day.

    Thank you for your comment. Have a great New Year.

  2. Hi, just wanted to say edibles have a different effect, that of giving you a more body high. Don’t know if you would react the same way, but most people I’ve spoken with about med mari say it’s more of a body high. And you get sleepy. I don’t take or need med mari, but I know those who do. And edibles come with the added benefit of not having to put smoke in your lungs. Happy Holidays.

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