The prognosis from the nerve block done this past week?  Well it’s hard to say.

As you may recall, I saw my Neurologist and he increased my Gabapentin thinking that this was a classic neuropathic pain.

The spine doctors felt it was due to lumbar problems and gave me the nerve block.

I came up with a theory of my own.  I wondered if the ill-fitting chair that I sat on all day was the problem, with no back support and having to sit up forward all day in it.  The chair seat feels hard.  I decided to stay off of it this week, for the most part.

I do feel somewhat better.  It’s not gone, but it’s down to about a 5-6 in pain level instead of a 10 to a zillion pain level.

Could it have been the drug increase?  It may have been because I started to feel a little better prior to the nerve block.  If this was it, thank you Doc, but I’m walking around in a daze from being on so many meds.

If it was from the nerve block, well thank you docs.

If it was from staying away from a bad chair.  Well, thank you to me.

My Take On This:

I think perhaps it was a combination of all three things.  It happened just in time, because I was wanting to look for the hack saw to get rid of the darn legs.

Whatever the reason for the slight improvement, I will take it and accept it with profound gratitude.  I don’t feel relief from pain but I feel improvement.

Hey every little bit counts.