Drum Roll Please!

The prognosis from the nerve block done this past week?  Well it’s hard to say.

As you may recall, I saw my Neurologist and he increased my Gabapentin thinking that this was a classic neuropathic pain.

The spine doctors felt it was due to lumbar problems and gave me the nerve block.

I came up with a theory of my own.  I wondered if the ill-fitting chair that I sat on all day was the problem, with no back support and having to sit up forward all day in it.  The chair seat feels hard.  I decided to stay off of it this week, for the most part.

I do feel somewhat better.  It’s not gone, but it’s down to about a 5-6 in pain level instead of a 10 to a zillion pain level.

Could it have been the drug increase?  It may have been because I started to feel a little better prior to the nerve block.  If this was it, thank you Doc, but I’m walking around in a daze from being on so many meds.

If it was from the nerve block, well thank you docs.

If it was from staying away from a bad chair.  Well, thank you to me.

My Take On This:

I think perhaps it was a combination of all three things.  It happened just in time, because I was wanting to look for the hack saw to get rid of the darn legs.

Whatever the reason for the slight improvement, I will take it and accept it with profound gratitude.  I don’t feel relief from pain but I feel improvement.

Hey every little bit counts.



  1. Oh no worries, I understand!
    I do believe my back pain is from the MS and the mean lesions! I am dealing with the idiot pain management doctors better now. I go in with notes and strong will, which has worked, well so far! I do appreciate your thoughts on the nerve blocks, I probably will not try it because I am 99.9% sure it is due to MS.

  2. Magdalena Obert

    I just noticed this response. I’m sorry I’m so late.

    My nerve blocks did nada, zilch. It’s not to say it wouldn’t work for you. It all depends on whether it is MS or an actual problem in your back. Unfortunately, if it is MS, my neurologist told me then I would have to live with Pain Management doctors. If it’s anatomical, then maybe it can be fixted. Let me know how it goes for you.

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing this! Currently I am almost maxed out with Gabapentin by taking 1200 mg 3 times a day. I notice huge difference if I am late taking it or if I accidentally run out. I have wondered if a nerve block would be helpful or not. My back, neck and legs hurt all the time. I have a lot of lesions on the spine and brain, so I do not know what would be best. It gets a little frustrating!!! I hope you are doing well and getting rest!!!

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