A Child Who Skips

difficult roads
I’ve been in the hospital for about a week and find myself on yet another difficult road–par for the course.
I’ve learned some news from Doctors that stopped me dead in my tracks, so to speak.
Adjustments must be made. Things to do, people to see and hug. Wrong turns corrected–or not. It’s up to them. I’m happy with whatever the results may be because I know that my roads have been tumultuous and littered with debris from many storms, but I’ve crawled through them coming out on the other side with my decisions if not always clear to others, damn clear to me.
I live my life to inspire and to be inspired. I’ve not the time nor the energy to sweat the small things.
It’s funny how people don’t always walk ahead, stop, turn around, to see how far they’ve come. Remember how children run ahead? They turn around to see what’s keeping you? You try to stop them from running too far ahead for fear of danger, but they skip along unaware of such nonsense. They are fearless, excited, and if they fall or hurt themselves, they cry for a bit and then are merrily along their way with their “boo boos” kissed away.
That’s what my life has been like with the exception that there was no one to kiss my “boo boos” away. I kissed them myself. I’m still kissing them, but some things just can’t be kissed away.
This is a big “boo boo.”
My intention is to run ahead, turn around, and smile at how far I’ve come. I already know there are people left behind, but that has been their choice…..a horse to water and all that.
Once I’ve patted myself on the back for having come this far, I will turn around and look ahead instead, yet again, eagerly trying to see what’s around the next corner.
I will never grow up and I’m glad I won’t. Instead I will skip along holding onto other’s hands, or not, and when I’m so tired that I finally fall down to the ground wanting to be picked up by a parent to carry me to my bed, I will nestle in the arms of God who has been there all along even though He chose not to show Himself. (Whew, that was a long sentence.)
“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.” I love this quote and have no idea who wrote it. I’m fortunate enough to have found these destinations late in life with profound love in my heart.
With quiet fortitude, patience, indulgence, and insistence on wearing “rose colored glasses” when viewing me skipping along, my husband, David Obert, has been the flower in my hand.

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