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September 28, 2016
November 8, 2016
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Don’t Swat The Fly


I hope you are doing as well as you can be in this imperfect world of ours.

I’ve been in and out of here due to medical issues.  I’ve had six surgeries this year.  Ugh.  I have one more I need to schedule.  I’m hoping that this will be put off until next year although with the symptoms I am having that makes it apparent that I have a problem, I don’t think so.

It seems to me as I head off to another birthday which gets me nearer to becoming a pile of ashes in an urn, that my body is racing to get there.  My brain/intellect screams NO!  I’m not ready.  At this point, my body seems to be winning.  You all know me and know that I will not go until I say it’s time to go.

I don’t fear dying.  I’m rather looking forward to it so that I can find out once and for all, “Is there life after death?”  It would be great if I could figure out a way to let you all know that there is or isn’t.  I could be an irritating fly that is demanding your attention.  How I communicate with you would be a conundrum though.  Maybe I could fly on the letters of a typing keyboard?

Nah, that wouldn’t work.  You would be so busy trying to swat me that you wouldn’t know that there was a pattern to my stopping and going.   What if you swatted me before I could show you my pattern?  Then there would be a new begging question, “Is there life after death of a fly?”

Please be patient with me.  I am going to stop for now.  I will soon have enough strength to give you a decent article in here.


Magdalena Obert
Magdalena Obert
I am a musician/composer who has traveled around the country as a freelance musician. I live and breathe music. I was struck down by MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and my life changed dramatically. I continue to write and compose music but I do it from home. One day, I came across a web site and saw candlesticks on a chart. I was curious about them because they looked rather like musical notes to me. I clicked on the site, which took me to I read a bit about it and learned that trading was a method of making an income, so I downloaded a demo. I didn't do anything with the demo account for a long time. I did watch the charts daily and learned how to use the platform. Mostly, I was intrigued by the movements of the candlesticks. They fascinated me. I began to get the urge to trade, so I started playing with the demo. I then came across a system I wanted to try, which I did using the demo account. The rest is history. I fell in love with trading. There is something musical about it. In particular, you never know what it is going to do next, which is oftentimes true in music. You think you know the next logical progression of a new piece of music and you anticipate it, but oftentimes, it surprises you and goes along a different path. Sound familiar? I'm a trader now, newbie for 7 years, but a trader.


  1. Another amazing blog from the most amazing person in the world. Life after death for a fly . . . who but Maggie thinks of such things!

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