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May 16, 2016
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June 3, 2016
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Heated Up!

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-16__605The days have turned beautiful here in New Jersey.  I stand at my door and hear conversations of couples out for a walk,.   I watch joggers run, some apparently new at it and others who look like they were born to run.

I have attempted, several times to go outside and start my vegetable garden.  I have laid out the area to be run through by a tiller like grating carrots in my kitchen gadget.  However, I don’t own a tiller so I lift off the grass with my small hand spade inch by inch.  I then use my, gadget, that looks like a 3-prong fork and claw at the earth like a worm.

I can only work in my back yard maybe half an hour before I know that it is time to go indoors to cool off.  If I don’t, I will turn into a puddle laying on the ground unable to get up.  I don’t want that to happen while I’m alone.  This is known as heat intolerance common to Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple times a day, I go up and down my 3 steps   Every one of those steps cause me great pain due to spasticity.  My legs, due to spasticity don’t work like everyone else.  What I have to do is swing my leg to the right or to the left and pull myself up.  The leg stretch that this causes, responds with a nice stretch, yes, but it also causes a lot of pain.

I managed to plant my carrots with my husband’s help.

My take on this:

What’s important to note here is that at least I do get things done regardless of pain or heat intolerance.  I almost view a challenge as a method of going out and fighting against myself to be myself.  Does that make sense?  At the end of the day, when I’ve done what I set out to do despite the challenges or pain, I’ve won one small battle.

Magdalena Obert
Magdalena Obert
I am a musician/composer who has traveled around the country as a freelance musician. I live and breathe music. I was struck down by MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and my life changed dramatically. I continue to write and compose music but I do it from home. One day, I came across a web site and saw candlesticks on a chart. I was curious about them because they looked rather like musical notes to me. I clicked on the site, which took me to I read a bit about it and learned that trading was a method of making an income, so I downloaded a demo. I didn't do anything with the demo account for a long time. I did watch the charts daily and learned how to use the platform. Mostly, I was intrigued by the movements of the candlesticks. They fascinated me. I began to get the urge to trade, so I started playing with the demo. I then came across a system I wanted to try, which I did using the demo account. The rest is history. I fell in love with trading. There is something musical about it. In particular, you never know what it is going to do next, which is oftentimes true in music. You think you know the next logical progression of a new piece of music and you anticipate it, but oftentimes, it surprises you and goes along a different path. Sound familiar? I'm a trader now, newbie for 7 years, but a trader.

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