Heated Up!

unusual-shape-fruit-vegetables-16__605The days have turned beautiful here in New Jersey.  I stand at my door and hear conversations of couples out for a walk,.   I watch joggers run, some apparently new at it and others who look like they were born to run.

I have attempted, several times to go outside and start my vegetable garden.  I have laid out the area to be run through by a tiller like grating carrots in my kitchen gadget.  However, I don’t own a tiller so I lift off the grass with my small hand spade inch by inch.  I then use my, gadget, that looks like a 3-prong fork and claw at the earth like a worm.

I can only work in my back yard maybe half an hour before I know that it is time to go indoors to cool off.  If I don’t, I will turn into a puddle laying on the ground unable to get up.  I don’t want that to happen while I’m alone.  This is known as heat intolerance common to Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple times a day, I go up and down my 3 steps   Every one of those steps cause me great pain due to spasticity.  My legs, due to spasticity don’t work like everyone else.  What I have to do is swing my leg to the right or to the left and pull myself up.  The leg stretch that this causes, responds with a nice stretch, yes, but it also causes a lot of pain.

I managed to plant my carrots with my husband’s help.

My take on this:

What’s important to note here is that at least I do get things done regardless of pain or heat intolerance.  I almost view a challenge as a method of going out and fighting against myself to be myself.  Does that make sense?  At the end of the day, when I’ve done what I set out to do despite the challenges or pain, I’ve won one small battle.

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