I Gave Myself A Purple Flower Today

safranI gave myself a purple flower today, Mother’s Day.  I went into the back yard and was so hoping something had bloomed.  I found one purple flower and I thought to myself, this is appropriate.

I snipped it carefully from the vine and searched for something small to put it into.  I finally decided the small cream server would work.  I filled it with water and placed the flower in it, then took it to my desk.

I now sit here before you writing with a huge lump in the back of my throat.  It’s been there for a couple of days but now it almost wants to gag me.  I decided that perhaps writing, would get it out.  If that doesn’t work, then composing  music should work.

It just occurred to me that I should post a link of my original compositions on my sidebar.  I will do so shortly, in case you would like to hear about how a patient with Multiple Sclerosis has therapeutic discussions with magical musical notes..

I don’t talk to a psychiatrist like I once did, instead I get so much more from writing or composing.  It says precisely what I want to say and no more. It is not there for critique, it’s simply there because it had to have its way with me.

This article is about how emotions play an integral part on how one feels or does not feel physically.  Emotions and Multiple Sclerosis are linked.  Remember all those times when trying to be diagnosed, doctor’s would insult us by referring us to psychiatrists instead of listening and setting aside the emotional upheaval at a doctor visit to filter out what is pertinent regarding symptoms.

What doctors don’t get is that the myriad of unusual symptoms is new to us. Many of the symptoms are bizarre.  After all, we are talking about the brain here and and its’ neural pathways.

However, the doctors weren’t far off the diagnostic beat either.  Emotional upheaval does play a part in flare up of symptoms, but once again, emotional disorders are a symptom of MS.  Instead of dismissing, a woman in particular, as being overly anxious, they should keep in mind MS and Depression can go hand in hand.  Regardless of how a patient presents themselves, there should be diagnostic tests run.

I gave myself a purple flower today.  A holiday I absolutely hate is upon us.  Mother’s Day.

I gave myself a purple flower today, because there was no one around to give me one, and even if they were around, I would still have to give myself this token of a flower.

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