I Am Here With You!

The Day Multiple Sclerosis Overpowered The Microwave.
April 1, 2016
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April 12, 2016
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I Am Here With You!

It seems to me that some people I know and love are down in the pits. That’s ok. As you know by my last post, I get down there too.

Here is what I want you to know.  What I don’t want this post to be about is about Multiple Sclerosis. It is about all of us, friends, family, people who are strangers. On a more personal level, friends and family.

When you fall down, I fall down. If you fall down to the floor, I’m there with you ready to listen and to lend a hand when you’re ready to get up. If you’re not ready, well then we can just hang out on the floor until you are.

We get thrown huge boulders in the various paths we all travel. You’ll be walking along smelling the roses when suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge boulder drops in front on you rocking the very earth you’re feet stand on.

This has happened to me so many times and each time it happens I jump out of my skin. One is never prepared for it. It is like when someone jumps out of nowhere and yells, “Boo!”

You can never prepare for this. After the initial scare or startle reaction, you stand there and stare at the “fricking” boulder. What to do? I don’t know. It depends on who you are, how you handle adversity and what hidden (strengths), in your arsenal of tools laying around inside your head and heart to blast that thing out of your path.

Initially, most of us, will fall down to the floor and lay there for awhile. Then we get up and smash that boulder to smithereens. Then again, some of us, will show extreme strength, at first, then fall down to the floor finding it difficult to get up again. We stop communicating with friends and family. We go silent.

Like I said before, it’s okay with one big HOWEVER. If your arsenal of tools (strengths) are inadequate to blast that boulder out of your way, the best thing you can possibly do is borrow some tools from someone, unless you like being on the floor, ground, dirt, whatever…

We all fall down. We all find ourselves, at one time or another, with a bunch of tools that have gone rusty or are broken.

Just know that I’m here if you need me.

Multiple Sclerosis's photo.
Magdalena Obert
Magdalena Obert
I am a musician/composer who has traveled around the country as a freelance musician. I live and breathe music. I was struck down by MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and my life changed dramatically. I continue to write and compose music but I do it from home. One day, I came across a web site and saw candlesticks on a chart. I was curious about them because they looked rather like musical notes to me. I clicked on the site, which took me to I read a bit about it and learned that trading was a method of making an income, so I downloaded a demo. I didn't do anything with the demo account for a long time. I did watch the charts daily and learned how to use the platform. Mostly, I was intrigued by the movements of the candlesticks. They fascinated me. I began to get the urge to trade, so I started playing with the demo. I then came across a system I wanted to try, which I did using the demo account. The rest is history. I fell in love with trading. There is something musical about it. In particular, you never know what it is going to do next, which is oftentimes true in music. You think you know the next logical progression of a new piece of music and you anticipate it, but oftentimes, it surprises you and goes along a different path. Sound familiar? I'm a trader now, newbie for 7 years, but a trader.

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