Miami beach

My parents arrived from Vienna to Miami around 8PM. I was really happy to see them and was shaking for a bit. Me and my BF went from Key West on Miami early in the morning that day.. We wanted to do some shopping etc. In the afternoon we checked in to hotel Shelley. Love that place! Than around 7PM.--I knew exactly when they started landing because of the app called Flightradar24 and you can track whatever plane you want, even private jett or helicopter. If you have a speciffic one it's simple, you can just add flight code, time when it takes off etc. You can find those informations on the flightticket.

Alright It's 7PM and we made it to the airport. I checked my messenger and Janek (brother) was active rn., so I texted him. Bro texted me back about huge lines they were in..and that it's about 2 hours of waiting time. Than that dumbass sent me a photo of those lines with a sign "No photos" on it.:D But it was moving fast. Meanwhile we were trying to find which exit they'll get out. In the end we found one said "International travellers". Yep and after a 10 minutes we found it my family came. Not gonna lie.. I only recognize them bcs they were wearing these funny masks.:D

Drink ala: "welcome to miami sir!"

We checked in the rest of us and than it was a time for a drink! So let's go! We were also hungry so we were thinking about some bar with restaurant. And we found it! It was only 10 minutes away from the hotel. Me and my mum ordered liter of Aperol spritz, but of course we didn't know it was that large! They had it written with really tiny letters on the menu, but who tf wants to read some tiny letters when they're thirsty:D. He should have asked which one we want:D and my dad wanted double Jameson whiskey and yep! Waiter made it triple just to make sure nobody goes home on their own I guess.:D When my dad asked why it's tripple and not double waiter said: "Welcome to Miami sir!"

Walk on the beach

Because my parents arrived in December, they enjoyed the sun that much they burned every part of their body i guess. Yep! That's why Florida is so lovely, you never get cold!:D On the other hand the Atlantic ocean gets cold too quickly. And nobody wanted to take a swim:D

Miami Beach-South Beach