New York City

Empire state building

On January 3rd on Monday at 6AM we flew to NEW YORK CITY. My parents went with us. They had arrived to the US before Christmas. You can read about what we have done in KW together as soon as possible. First we went to Empire state building! Our apartment was just 2 blocks away. Everywhere we went they want us to show our IDs, vaccination cards and of course to wear a mask. It was crazy bcs in Florida you don't have to worry about anything I just wrote. So we have showed our IDs and vaccination cards and went inside. The man who was there sent us to one of the elevators they had there. It took about 10 seconds and we were at the 80th floor! Beautiful view! We've been there about 20 minutes and than we were riseing to 86th floor. Amazing!! ESB was build in 1931 and for more than 40 years it has been the highest building in the world. In 1972 was the World Trade Center build and was even higher than the ESB. Empire is as iconic to the New York City as the Eiffel tower to Paris.

Rockefeller center

Another day on tuesday we went to Rockefeller center. We were there in the morning and in my opinion at the night it would be even more beautiful than in the morning. Everybody knows the Home Alone movie right? The Xmas tree was so iconic! My mom was very happy to see that.

Hotel plaza

The iconic hotel from Home Alone was under construction at the time we were there. But It was still amazing! What really disappointed me was that the guy at the hotel didn't let us into the reception where Kevin was. He said it's because of the Covid but we even showed him our vaccination cards and were wearing masks. And still, he kicked us out. Thank you!

Central park

Hotel Plaza is literally across the Central park so we went there after. We even saw Kevin's bridge and lots of pigeons. What really suprised me is that when we were at the park we immediatelly forget you about that we were in the middle of the big city. Nature really absorbed us.

Brooklyn bridge

In the afternoon we went to Brooklyn bridge. Very nice weather I have to say, even it was freezing, we were pretty warm. Little bit windy was only on the bridge. Very beautiful view again!

Statue of Liberty

To the liberty island we went by boat on wednesday morning. It was rainy, windy and freezing. The voyage took only about 20 minutes. There on the island was except the Statue of Liberty, the museum of liberty. I really didn't expect the museum tho. But it was nice, we have learned something new. For example ..Did you know that the statue had originally bronze color? But with the time it corroded and that's why it is green now.

World trade center memorial

On thursday we scheduled the twin towers. It gaves us really weird feeling, when we were standing there and suddenly thought of those who had lost their lives on September 11th in 2001. But when we went into the museum which is under the fallen towers it hit us even more. You can see those concrete foundations which are the only things that remained from the towers at the same place. What touched me the most was the hall full of photos and names of people who died that day. They had even found an iron construction from the floor the airplane hit. You can see it on the photo below.

Times square

On thursday evening we decided to go to famous Times Square! It looked much much smaller than in the movies or on the photos! We all were really suprised! Street artists and musicians everywhere!

Bye bye:(