How did it start?

Journey across the Atlantic

In December 2019 I have decided to go and try to live in foreign country - Florida, USA. So I bought a flight ticket for February. It was a long way..I was flying from Prague to London (Heathrow) and from there to Miami. It was unbelievable feeling. I've been talking to myself: "Is it really true? Am I really going to the USA right now? The dream country?" Yes! It was really true! I totally forgot about my fear of taking off and enjoyed new movies that British airways offered us. After 10 hours I was finally there! Miami baby! Amazing! Really really happy to be there. But still..I didn't know what's gonna happen at the airport. Lots of people told me they'd been waiting for immigration check for several hours. But for me it was only about 10 minutes. Woman who was chatting with me about who Iam and what will I gonna do in the states put a little orange paper inside my passport and told me to take my baggage and go to the right. I went to a very strange room where were some arab guys with one man standig behind the counter. They seemed like they were there for several hours yet. I was like "Great, Am I gonna be here for ages too?" But I was wrong. The guy behind the counter called my name and I was suprised. He has been asking me some questions about my family, what they do back in Czechia etc. Than he sent me throught some door and above them was Exit sign so I was really lucky. And so so so happy!!! I called my friend and he picked me up in the front of the airport:)

Miami Beach

I arrived at 3:30PM and was very exhausted, we checked in at the Shelley hotel in Miami Beach. That hotel was absolutelly perfect for us! Only about 100 dollars per night and it was very clean. We went for a dinner and took a walk at the beach. But I was really tired so we went back to our hotel and went to sleep around 8PM:D.
Early in the morning we went for a breakfast. I've never been so excited! The beach was beautiful and in my opinion this is the only place that is absolutely worth it to see. Lots of skyscrapers everywhere but not much sights or monuments are there.

To Key West by a car

One of the most beautiful highways is "Florida Keys Overseas Hwy" the road leads from Key Largo (the first island of FK) to Key West. It takes about 4 hours to get to KW by a car or a bus. You could have gone there by a train too before. But in September 10th, 1935, the railway was destroyed by a Labor day hurricane. I remember that day when I was driving on the Overseas Hwy for the first time. It was something unbelievable to me and amazing at the same time. Imagine you are going on the road but underneath it is ocean. Incredible, right? But of course you can get there by a plane or by a boat too.