Key West

Something about the island

Key West is the southernmost city in the USA, it is in south Florida, at the end of Florida Keys. It's pretty small island with only 25K people living in there. Such a little american Havana. Most people travel there from every corner of the United states. Mostly in the winter because in the summer, you will probably die from the heat:D. Those who are there only during the winter time locals call "Snowbirds"- Rich people who bought a house in there and during the summer they go back home.

*The island is from Cuba only 90 miles away (170 km) and from Miami it's 160 miles (258 km).

Little bit of history

Key West has a pretty dark history. Let me explain its name. The island and the whole Florida were discovered by spanish voyager Juan Ponze de León and he called it "Cayo Hueso" which means "bone island", some of the spanish speaking residents still call it by that name. It was american native huge graveyard and bones were everywhere across the island.

The most beautiful beach

The most beautiful beach in the Key West? Of course it's Fort Zachary! Well, you have to pay fee (5$/person) at the entrance but it's definitely worth it. The ocean there is as beautiful as the Caribbean sea. You can also grill there, just take some charcoal and the food you like with you.