Journey from Key West

We've bought our tickets at the Hopper app, from Frontier company. In my opinion the Hopper app is the best. We had been searching our tickets at but we haven't found anything cheaper than at Hopper. We'd gotten to Miami by a bus from Key West and have took off around 10PM Miami time and get there around 1PM Denver time. The flight lasted 5 hours but we had 2 more hours for sleep at least. During the journey we got scared by a lightning storm but we didn't fly through it so in the end it was very interesting to watch it from the window while we flew-by. 

ATVs on the Switzerland trail.

Colorado is very beautiful, so what about to try to ride an ATV? Yes man! We rent it at "Estes park ATV rentals" and they gave us helms and maps of some trails and one of them was the Switzerland one. We liked it the most! Than they rent us a truck which had trailer with ATV on it. The guy set the GPS and we've finally got on the road. It was about 1 hour drive to the trail. We had the ATV for about 5 hours and I think it's deffinitely enough. We were so exhausted and I hoped to see some animals in the woods like mooses or elks but than I've realized the ATV was too loud for them. It was an incredible experience! I would totally recommend it!

Dream lake

I was really excited when I saw a picture of a Dream lake on google or so. I immediately knew I gotta see it one day with my own eyes! And here we are! It was about 10k feet above the ground and yet we were really shocked it was only 41 degrees. Because in Denver it's been around 77 but well..we were pretty high tho. It was about 2 hours drive from Denver to Rocky mountain national park where the lake is. We had to pay entrance fee which was 25 dollars per person, than went from the gate to a parking and from there about only a 1 mile walk to the lake. Warning! Get yourself some solid winter shoes before you go for hiking because we've seen some people with sneekers and it didn't end up well. Aaand after my boyfriend has taken a picture of me on the rock I fell into it.. yep my whole foot was wet and I was very cold during a walk to a car. But lucky me it was only one foot:D. The car heater dryed it out and we were ready for another hike!

Alberta falls

After we have dryed the shoe we hiked another trail to Alberta falls. It was more hilly than Dream lake trail but we wouldn't mind. It was just about 0,5 mile long so we were immediately there.


Beautiful drive to Aspen. We've been driving about 4 hours but it was deffinitely worh it!

Gorgeous Aspen streets

view on mountains from the town

Maroon bells - aspen

In Aspen we decided to go to gorgeous Maroon lake. We've tought that we could get there by a car but we were wrong. We saw a big gate in front of us than flipped the car over back to Aspen because to the lake it was about 6 miles walk from the gate. Than suddenly I've got an idea! What about to go there by a bike? Yes..and rented them:)

Maroon lake was very beautiful!! The long drive was deffinitely worth it. But after that we had to go back home:( 4 hours of drive to Denver. Than 5 hours of flight, 4 hours of waiting for a bus to Key West and after all 4 hours more of drive to the island. Tired but amazed!