I am writing this for a dear friend of mine who has Multiple Sclerosis.  Her name is Magdalena (Maggie) Obert.  She is a gifted musician/composer who has struggled for most of her life coming from a broken home which led her to live an extremely difficult life in an orphanage in Chciago, Illinois.  She found music at an early age and she totally believes that without this venue to get her feelings out, she would be lost to the world, and perhaps dead like many of her classmates.


Her life continued to be the worst roller coaster ride I’ve ever heard about with too little highs and many plummeting downward spirals which left her feeling out of control.  She made many decisions in her life purely on gut instinct, and she regrets many of those decisions.


One of the things she says frequently is this, “I grew myself up.”  She did indeed, but too often she doesn’t realize what a remarkable person she grew herself up to be.  Coming from nothing and amounting to this well respected and well loved personality took guts.  Despite everything that she has gone through and is still facing on a daily basis, the one thing about her that always stands out in one’s mind and heart is her smile, her caring, her willingness to share, and her love of people despite having a deep-seated mistrust of them.  She still gives them the benefit of the doubt.


If I had to grow myself up, I would hope to be able to do as good a job as she did, growing herself up.


With all my love…..


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  • DebJC:

    Hi, I just read your May 29th posting. I am not sure where you live. CCSVI has been around for a couple years now. GOOGLE or use your fave Search Engine and see if there is a clinic near you–it’s worth it! I live in Arizona and I have been treated in Calif. 3 times in the last 9 months. The first time gave best results. I was able to WRITE again-hand tremors gone. My walking time doubled from 5 min. to 10 min. , with a walker. I was able to empty my bladder better, but this Good Stuff only lasted a few weeks. I want THAT Again and more! I insisted all clinics bill Medicare. So far I am only out $3,000. Usual charge in $8,000. I feel sorry for Canadians who have to bring CASH. The docs that do this are Interventional Radiologists. These procedures have been in use for Other Conditions for awhile now. I say to all MSers to GET TESTED-! I went to San Diego and tested with Hubbard Foundation.

  • Wow,
    A muscian friend of mine on Indaba.com just introduced me to this! I was not even aware of it. Now here you are telling me that I can go to San Diego and get tested.

    Now how are we to tell everyone we know who has MS about this? Got any ideas?! Thank you so very much for the information!


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